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Car Wrapping becomes art !

Whatever the project, we love to push the boundaries and find new and exciting ways in which to work.

Whilst at the 100% Design Show in London this year, a company called Vehicle Wall Art caught our eye. Their innovative concept and quirky artwork was right up our street!

Keen to test out our wrapping skills on their projects, the guys at Vehicle Wall Art set us to work wrapping some of their Minis. These are the results.

Cars as wall art !

Not only that but this included car wrapping, something  we are very interested in, as we love to push boundaries when it come to our projects.  We have been car wrapping for nearly a decade now and Danny was keen to try us out on some of his mini’s and future car wrapping projects. Needless to say his has collected his first vehicles today and is very impressed with the finesse and attention to detail that we pride ourselves with when it come to car wrapping. Modern cars are quite a lot easier when it come to wrapping as they are quite straight and flat but these mini’s proved to be a real challenge as they have weld lines and seams protruding from the vehicle that we had to wrap to make the effect look great.

We hope to see these cars on a wall near you!!

Click the car below to see car wrapping on our clients website.

Car Wrapping Vehicle Wall Art

Mini Car Wrapping
Mini Car Wrapping
Mini Car Wrapping
Mini Car Wrapping